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Our Illy coffee card

Have you ever considered why drinking a cup of coffee can be such a big difference from one place to another... or are you just thinking "there is the coffee better than there..." without wondering where the difference may lie...

Now it´s actually easy if you make yourself the following questions :

  • What kind of coffee do they use to make your cup of coffee ?
  • How do they treat the water they use to prepare it ?
  • How do they maintain the coffee machine they use to make your cup of coffee ?
  • Is the person who makes your coffee qualified to make coffee ?

During "creating" our Universal Lounge Bar, Alicia and I (Alain) not just chosen for Illy coffee, no we deliberately wanted to bring the best coffee to our customers.

Illy coffee is just about the best coffee mix you can get on this planet.

And yes we say a mix, because that is the only warranty to have the same high quality throughout the years.
It may not surprise you that a cup of Illy coffee, every day, all year round, for years on end... has the same unique perfect taste.

Did you know that Illy is represented, with the same kind of coffee in over 140 countries ?

We both followed a course at the "Università del Caffé" and obtained the certificate "expert in the coffee".

What the Hotel and catering industry here in Spain is missing is professionalism. Much of the blame lies with the government. As long as they see money, they are happy... there is no government interest in skills, to name one...

We are not concerned about that because we believe that professionalism is the foundation of our quality. Both in our kitchen and behind the bar we have qualified people, with which, unfortunately for the sector, are one of the few in the region.

A perfect Illy espresso... and all its variants... that is what we offer you in the Universal Lounge Bar.

You can find a complete list in the menu, but here are some pictures how we present them to you...