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Welcome in our Lounge Bar.

The Burgundian lifestyle, that they use to connect to the Belgians (Flemish), we would like to introduce in our Lounge Bar.
Plentiful enjoying the pleasure of food and drinks...

But not drinks just like that...

On our card you will find mainly special drinks.

First of all our coffee and tea.

For those who know how to appreciate coffee, when we are telling that our choice has fallen on Illy, knows that drinking a coffee in our Lounge Bar is aligned with pure enjoy of the aroma from the best coffees.

You will have the possibility to enjoy coffee in all the variations.

After a long search, we also found one tea that sufficed our strict quality wishes. We found this with the label

Logo DammannDammannbuideltje Dammann

Ask for it and enjoy the wide variation of tastes.

Belgium, the beer country par excellence, has about 640 different kinds of beer.
Impossible to let you taste them all, but we will always have here a top selection of them.

Belgian beers

Of course you will find here also the best Spanish beers, and we will do our best, to add more countries to our beercard.

Spanish beers

Reserva 1925
33 cl  and  6.4 % alc.

Some other known marks that can be enjoyed in our lounge bar are:


The mainly by the British known ciderdrink Strongbow is situated here icecold to let you enjoy of that refreshment


glazentypes van wijnendruiven

At the start maybe still limited, but it is our intension to offer you a world map of diverse selected wines off worlds most known vineyards, but also a selection of wines from less obvious wine countries.

But we can be proud concerning our choice for our house wines.

Where others go for just a winefollowed by headache or not, but still too high priced for their quality, we go consciously for the fact that we want to offer the best quality against the sharpest possible price.

Moreover, a wine reaches its full value in a beautiful glass…

Of course that our choice for our house wines fell on Spanish wines. Spain has some splendid wine areas with excellent wines.

In general, you have the name of the areas which quotes everyone, however, it is rather obvious that within those areas there is a wide choice in taste and quality.

For the red wines, RIOJA is the most known and oldest wine region of Spain. For the white wines the best region is RUEDA and for the rosé wines NAVARRA.

Soon I will give here more attention to the Spanish wine regions.